Finding, Training, and Keeping GREAT Service Employees 101
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Finding, Training, and Keeping GREAT Service Employees 101

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This book is not your typical boring human resource handbook but, rather a "how to" guide on how to be creative in finding the right, GREAT employees for your organization, and how to implement the procedures and policies that have them wanting to make your company a career rather than a job.

Dick explains the difference between just hiring a "warm body" and recruiting someone that can become a valuable asset to your company, either full time or part time. He shows you how to be creative in recruiting, how to manage the application process, how to conduct an effective interview, and provide an effective orientation that gets the new employee excited to be part of your team.

You will see the critical part that training plays in reducing turnover in your company, and why training has to be done differently with adults than with children.

This book provides you with:

1. A complete sample Hiring Process Manual
2. A sample Employee Policy and Procedure Handbook
3. Sample job descriptions for a Building Service Contractor

Available in Soft Cover and Hard Cover.

Table of Contents

Part 1
Chapter 1-It's a Jungle Out There
Chapter 2-Newspaper Ads
Chapter 3-Career Fairs
Chapter 4-Recruiting Neighborhoods
Chapter 5-On Line Recruiting
Chapter 6-Managing the Recruiting Process
Chapter 7-And Your Facilities Look Like?
Chapter 8-Time for the Interview
Chapter 9-A Plan of Action


Part 2
Chapter 10 -The First Step
Chapter 11-The Orientation Process
Chapter 12-The Importance of Training
Chapter 13-So How DO We Train?
Chapter 14-Effective Learning and Remembering
Chapter 15-Other Ideas That Work
Chapter 16-Your Plan of Action
Chapter 17-Sample Job Descriptions

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