The Guide to Effective Supervision
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The Guide to Effective Supervision

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This is the latest book from Dick Ollek, CBSE, RGC, a 50+ year veteran of the Building Services Contracting industry. The book is composed of 12 lessons that can be taught as a supervisors class or individual study.

  1. Definition of Supervision
  2. It's the Same, Only Different
  3. The Many Hats of a Supervisor
  4. Building the Perfect Supervisor
  5. Customer Relations Training
  6. Handling Complaints
  7. Conducting Discipline
  8. Dealing With Different Generations and Cultures in the Workplace
  9. The Employee Training Issue
  10. Creating Effective Training
  11. Dealing With Budgets
  12. The Importance of Safety

Flash drive of PowerPoint slides available for all 12 lessons.

At the end of each lesson is a series of questions for the participant to answer that will enhance their understanding of the material and get them thinking on how they can do their job more effectively. Humor and real life examples are given so the participant can relate to the subject and see themselves having had the same issues arise in their work. For those new to the industry it gives them a great understanding of what they can expect when they are in the field supervising. Company owners and managers will find this 12 lesson book to be a great handbook for their supervisors to have in their possession as challenges confront them in their everyday supervising life.

Available in paperback, hardback.  A flash drive of PowerPoint slides is also available and is sold separately.


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